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Fire Up That Grill

Up your BBQ game this summer with Eli’s fresh brioche hamburger rolls, seeded or plain, and Eli’s brioche hot dog buns, perfect for sausages or lobster rolls. Take it from us—it’s all about the buns!

Summer Essentials


Be the Best House Guest

If you’re staying with friends this summer or just coming for dinner, stock their pantry with an Eli-approved collection of house-baked classics and hand-selected sweet and savory essentials. You’ll be invited back, we promise.

Eli’s List


In a Lighter Mood

Warm weather brings lots of new wines to Eli’s List. Our serious relationship with the wines of Burgundy and Piedmont does not diminish, but summer romances are not unheard of. We may flirt with peppery cabernet francs from the Loire or a bright garnacha from Madrid, mineral carricantes from Mount Etna and savory albariños from Galicia, especially with grilled fish. And then there’s rosé and its irresistible allure…
Don’t let the summer pass without a hint of romance. Visit us for brilliant wine discoveries and advice to the lovelorn.

Home Shop


A Simple Idea…

… to make life better and certainly easier. Eli’s trucks are in the Hamptons every day delivering fresh bread to your favorite restaurants and markets. Why not let them deliver your groceries to you while they’re out there? Place your order with our Home Shop Department for prepared foods, hand-cut meat, quality ingredients and of course Eli’s Bread and pastries. You’ll have your order the following day without driving, hunting for a parking place or tearing your hair out.

Dine al fresco in the neighborhood


Al Fresco Season

There’s no better way to enjoy summer in New York than outdoors at Eli’s. Grab a New York State beer on tap at Eli’s Night Shift at 189 East 79th—with its floor-to-ceiling windows, almost every seat is outdoors. Or relax on Madison Avenue at Bar ’91 with a choice of 24 interesting wines by the glass.

 What's on Eli's Mind

It’s now officially summer. The season for weekends out of the city, of grilling everything, of ice cream and watermelon and the eagerly anticipated first local tomatoes. For me it means an end to a bumper crop of my rooftop tomatoes and a switch to the tri-state area’s addictive tomatoes. I love to check out local farm stands to see what’s new and good. For those of us still in the city, it means evenings outdoors wherever we can find a table. Mine is at 91st and Madison—there’s not a more pleasant corner in the city to sip rosé, greet neighbors, and get to know the dogs of the UES.