The Gift of Food....

is always in good taste, which is why, year after year, New Yorkers turn to Eli Zabar for gifts that they know will bring joy. Themed to suite pretty much anyone who eats, we encourage you to browse the choices and pick, for each person on your list, the basket that you think best suits their personality or needs.


The star of the show…

Marc Reyes is a star at Eli’s, beloved, year-round for his skills as a butcher. At this time of year he really shines, creating standing rib and crown roasts to glamorize your holiday menu. His house-made charcuterie is memorable and his foie gras with truffles just might make an excellent gift for the food fanatic on your list. Contact the Butcher Department at Elis 212.717.8100 ext.6.


'Tis the season….

This traditional collection of holiday sweets—a ginger bread cake, holiday cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows, caramelized pecans, peppermints and holiday chocolates all topped with an evergreen sprig brings joy where ever it goes. Send one to people who love this holiday and it’s old-fashioned charms.


Chanukah 'O Chanukah…

You won’t be lighting this menorah, more likely you’ll pop a slice in your toaster, but this basket does contain everything you need for a happy celebration of the holiday. Think of sending one to anyone in need of light and laughter in December.
  • Night-Shift-Pizza-Slices-Eli-Zabar
  • Night-Shift-Pizza-Eli-Zabar


Did you know…

that some of the best pizza in NYC is being served at Nightshift and that these classic wood oven pies are now available frozen at Eli’s? Classic Margarita, Wild Mushroom, Vodka Pesto or Diavola. Ten to twelve minutes in the oven and you’ve got dinner covered. Still sounds like too much work? You can always call Nightshift and have it delivered HOT out of the oven!


Calling all Burgundy Lovers

Eli’s Table is a casually elegant neighborhood restaurant and a destination for wine lovers, where local and seasonal—both hallmarks of Eli Zabar’s philosophy—come together beautifully. Boasting a wine list of over 25,000 bottles, Eli’s Table is widely considered one of the most exciting places in the city to drink aged Burgundy, and Old World wines. Join us for dinner --this is the time of year that wine lovers live for, meat-centric menus, white truffles, all good excuses to go deep and dark.


Tis the season…

If you are hosting in this hectic holiday season give in to the temptation to fill your house with flowers. If you are the invited guest, sending a plant, cut flowers or an arrangement before the event is a very nice way to say thank you. Whether hosting or guesting, a visit to the flower department at Eli’s is a good place to get started.

 What's on Eli's Mind

My busy season is here, from Thanksgiving to January the pace quickens and everything speeds up as we hurtle towards the end of another year. My stores are packed with seasonal goodies, as many from the pastry department as from produce. It’s the white truffle season, it's eggnog ice cream season, the dreaded, but delicious fruitcake season. How could I not mention jelly donuts and latkes to serve with Israeli caviar? It’s the best time of year to drink Burgundy and so many of the bottles I’ve been cellaring for so long are now ready for drinking. Join me in celebrating the deliciousness of this season and share it with friends and family—the gift of food is always in good taste!