Eli Zabar's Wine Cellar: It's Not Chopped Liver
"Many New Yorkers know at least something about Eli Zabar. They can probably guess that his family opened the Upper West Side emporium that stands for classic New York eating. They may know..."
Mother’s Day
Fall Back on Flowers
When in doubt send your mother flowers. Any day, everyday, but especially on Mother’s Day. Maybe you are super organized and already bought her a gift and made a reservation to take her to Eli’s for brunch. Still send flowers.
Call 212 717-8100 extension 1
Mothers love this stuff.
Mother’s Day
Honor Thy Mother
Different families, different traditions, but at our house Mother’s Day has always been about breakfast in bed. Mom gets coffee and the paper everyday, but on Sunday, May 8th she’ll also get warm croissants and raspberry jam plus a choice of pancakes or granola. We’ll probably eat the babka while we make her breakfast, but then we’ll all jump on the bed, dogs included and watch her eat. We promise to wash the dishes afterwards, too.
To order a breakfast basket for your Mother
What’s brewing on 79th & Third ?
When Eli Zabar started thinking about opening Eli’s Night Shift, a craft beer-centric bar on the Upper East Side, he worried that he didn’t know enough about the brews or the young clientele he hoped to attract. Then the 72-year-old realized he knew someone who did: his 24-year-old son, Oliver. Together with veteran bartender Nathan Gurr (The Handy Liquor Bar) they’ve turned the Third Avenue corner of 79th street into a little slice of Brooklyn.
What's on Eli's Mind?
I thrive on change and with no new projects on my plate, I’ve enjoyed circling around my neighborhood and giving my full attention to small projects in my older stores. EAT is over 40 years old and needs some tender loving care. I’ve wanted to renovate the Vinegar Factory for a while, making the store smaller and more concentrated on fresh ingredients. That’s allowed me to make the café larger and I hope more attractive and more comfortable. The upstairs party space is getting a full facelift. It will be what I call a black box party space; ready to become whatever your imagination wants to make of it.