February Classes
Eli is proud to offer a variety of classes, taught by Eli’s team of skilled professionals in their respective fields. Each month, expect a new calendar to be released with a diverse mix of seasonally-inspired topics aimed to teach and inspire, while offering an inside look at Eli’s World – the people that make Eli’s the most specialized, highest-quality market in the city, and the topics they have spent decades enthralled in to ensure their departments meet Eli’s high standards.
Eli’s Manhattan
New Year’s Resolutions…
…are made to be broken, but let’s try for the month of January to eat more green vegetables. Start with a big pot of soup: onions, leeks, celery and carrots sautéed till beyond golden, chard stems, cubes of squash and shredded Savoy cabbage added with water or chicken stock, once they are soft, add baby spinach or kale or bok choy, let them cook until just wilted. Nearly calorie-free and full of flavor it’s a virtuous way to start the year.
91 & Madison
Worth getting up for…
Made famous at the Amagansett Farmer’s Market, this glorious creation is available daily at Eli’s Essential’s on 91st street & Madison Avenue. Scrambled eggs on a brioche roll with your choice of cheeses and bacon or ham. Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day.
Liquid Gold
That’s an exaggeration to get your attention, but it also speaks to how proud I am of our selection of Fall harvest 2016 olive oils from Italy – Valgiano oil has just arrived from Tuscany and we expect shipments from Liguria, the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. I’ve met the producers and I admire the way they work to express provenance, terroir, and tradition in each pressing of their olives. Available at Eli’s Manhattan and on line at pantry essentials.
A bar to call home
With 10 rotating brews on tap, many from homegrown operations like Queens’ Big Alice Brewing and the Bronx’s Gun Hill plus a zinc-topped counter for cocktails like the a Gin and Bare It (botanist gin, Concord grape shrub) plus comfort-food standards to balance the booze, it’s no wonder Timeout Magazine named it one of the best bars on the UES.
What I’m in the mood for tonight…
As a longtime Upper East Sider, I wanted to create a wine bar for my neighborhood where dinner would be a relaxed affair and the wine list would stimulate conversations on subjects as diverse as my neighbors lives.
What's on Eli's Mind?
As an Upper east Sider I love my neighborhood, and have been fortunate to spend 23 great years at The Vinegar Factory. I have seen the neighborhood around me and my stores evolve tremendously. With that in mind, I’ve made the decision to centralize my retail operations in my flagship market on 80th & Third Avenue. The Vinegar Factory has always been a manufacturing facility, and I’m happy to be able to return it to that use and expand production there. This will strengthen our ability to better serve you, our valued customers, and I am confident this decision will make my flagship market a better shopping experience. The second floor event space at The Vinegar Factory will continue to be a great place to host your next party. I realize that if you live close to the Vinegar Factory this decision will have an impact on some of your daily routines. I may not be as close as I’ve been, but I’m not far, heading west, you’ll find Eli’s Essentials at 91st street, 87th street and 74th street and as always for delivery, a phone call away.