Get Ready to Give Thanks
Thanksgiving is late this year—November 26— but if you get organized now you’ll enjoy the day so much more. Once you have a rough idea of how many you’ll be welcoming and what some of those guests might be contributing to the meal, a call to the Catering Department at Eli’s at 212 987-0885 Ext. 4 should be your next move. We’ll talk you through the traditions and the quantities, let you cook the parts you enjoy, and provide what you find more challenging. We’ll make suggestions about how to fit it all in your oven—and keep you calm, cool, and smiling.
Butcher / Home Shopping
Let’s talk turkeys
When we say let’s talk turkey we mean actually have a conversation with a living, breathing butcher. Not so easy to find these days, but at Eli’s Markets the art of butchering is alive and well. Come into Third Avenue and talk to Butcher Mark Reyes about what kind of bird you’d like to serve this Thanksgiving – Free-range, Organic or Heritage. Mark will talk you through the differences, help you figure out cooking times and offer stuffing ingredient suggestions, like what kind of sausage to include.
No time to stop by? Call 212 717-8100 Ext. 6 and enjoy the same hands on service, even when it’s not Thanksgiving.
Private parties
The Party Season is upon us…
… and Eli’s newest location is ready for you to host a private party! Drinks and hors d’oeuvres downstairs then move up to the balcony for dinner. The two-storied space happily accommodates 50 for a seated dinner and 90 for a more casual event. This holiday season; book Eli’s Essentials Wine Bar for your own private fête. 
The Gift of Food is Always in Good Taste
Now is the moment to order your holiday hampers stuffed with Eli’s house-baked classics and pantry essentials, festooned with ribbons, lined with a tea towel, and packed to order. Brighten any basket with the addition of a bottle of wine or spirits. A most suitable gift for friends, family, clients, and business associates.
What's on Eli's Mind?
I came late to the internet, I still use a Blackberry, and I don’t shop online (in fact, I don’t shop at all), but that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to the way everyone gets information, settles arguments, and shops for everything under the sun. I wanted a website that was easier and more fun than the one I’d had, and I think the results of our redesign are terrific. I hope you’ll explore, shop and most important, use the map to find a store near you. Do come in and say hello!