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The Best However You Slice It

In the late 1980s, as New York’s ethnic bakeries began, one by one, to close, Eli Zabar started to conceive of a platonic ideal of the loaves he was looking for. He wanted a loaf of bread with lots of crust, a sour taste like a Jewish corn rye, and a tight texture. An odyssey began as Eli worked to understand what made a great loaf of bread, and then worked even harder to learn to make them himself. Thirty years on, Eli’s Bread continues to produce hearth-baked breads in New York City based on traditional European recipes.



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Eli’s Bread is a wholesale-only bakery producing more than 200 different hearth-baked breads, rolls, focaccias, and bagels from 40,000 pounds of dough daily. All loaves are based on traditional European recipes, incorporating natural starters and leavenings. A separate bakery produces certified kosher breads, and there is a small gluten-free product line. Loaves are baked fresh twice a day for AM and PM deliveries, seven days a week in New York City and the tri-state area.



A Sweet Story

Eli Zabar has long been known for his commitment to quality and freshness. The Pastry Program at Eli’s Bread maintains those standards. This is an all-butter; from-scratch bakery delivering freshly baked muffins, cookies, pound cakes, coffee cakes, and Viennoiserie. Holiday traditions are specialty.