What could be simpler than the gift of good bread? And for anyone living far from a good bakery, what could be more welcome? Each month, lucky recipients of your gift will receive a loaf of Eli Zabar’s signature bread. The first package arrives with your personal greeting, a good bread knife, and a letter from us detailing what’s ahead.

January 2 Manor House Loaves
February 2 Health Loaves
March The Paris Loaf
April 12 Assorted Bagels
May 2 Tuscan Rounds
June 12 Onion Pockets
July 1 Jewish Rye & 1 French Rye Bread
August 12 Brioche Hamburger Rolls
September 2 San Francisco Style Sourdough Loaves
October 2 Olive Rosemary Loaves
November 1 Brioche Braid and 1 Raisin Challah
December 2 Raisin Pecan Loaves

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