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Super Bowl Ready!

Eli’s been watching the Super Bowl with his high school football buddies FOREVER. If Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday at your house, check out our complete catering menu for the great day, or join us at Eli’s Night Shift to watch on the jumbo screen while munching Night Shift’s jumbo wings.

Valentines Day

February 14th….

For this romantic holiday, Eli goes classic. Decisions are not a problem, forgetting to make a decision is. Choose a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of champagne and you are off the hook for another year. Love you!

Eli’s Manhattan

New Year’s Resolutions…

…are made to be broken, but let’s try for the month of January to eat more green vegetables. Start with a big pot of soup: onions, leeks, celery and carrots sautéed till beyond golden, chard stems, cubes of squash and shredded Savoy cabbage added with water or chicken stock, once they are soft, add baby spinach or kale or bok choy, let them cook until just wilted. Serve with a tablespoon of olive oil and a sprinkling of parmesan. Call the Home Shop Department and tell them you want the soup ingredients delivered to your door.

Eli’s Manhattan

Liquid Gold!

Liquid gold is an exaggeration to get your attention, but it also speaks to how proud I am of our selection of Fall harvest 2022 olive oils. Valgiano oil has just arrived from Tuscany, and we expect shipments from Liguria and the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. If you don’t want to miss a single arrival, may I suggest our Olive Oil of the Month Club—6 months of delicious freshly pressed oils. An excellent choice for anyone you may have forgotten in December and something you won’t be sorry to receive yourself.


Did you know…

…that some of the best pizza in NYC is being served at 79th and Third? Nightshift installed a pizza oven and the pies have been creative and delicious. Eat in or order out, classic Margarita or something more seasonal. You won’t regret it.
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Valentine’s Day Countdown….

Your sincerity is never going to be challenged if you show up with flowers. Whether a bunch, a bouquet or an extravagant arrangement, pretty much everyone is happy to receive flowers. French in style and inspiration, the flower department at Eli’s is going to be your friend come V-day this year.
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Dry January

Have you visited www.elislist.com ? The cozy sliver of a shop with the great big old world wine cellar? While red may be more traditional in cold weather, we love their suggestions for “Dry January” –dry white wines and brut champagnes can make it a very enjoyable month.

 What's on Eli's Mind

January and February can be tough months. The fortunate few get away. The rest of us either go on a diet or if you’re like me, you get busy with new projects.
I’ve got two on my plate at the moment—the re-opening of Eli’s TABLE, this spring and planning needs to begin for the 50th anniversary of EAT. We’ll keep you posted….