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Because you asked for it…

Lucky New Yorkers can now order our Thanksgiving Catering menu online.



We Gather Together

…to give thanks. Let’s keep our spirits up and gather those we can to the table for Thanksgiving. Your job is to get a rough idea of how many people you’ll be welcoming and what some of those guests might be contributing to the meal and our job is let you cook the parts you enjoy, and provide what you find more challenging. We’ll make suggestions about quantities, how to fit it all in your oven—and how to stay calm, cool, and smiling throughout the day. A call to the Catering Department at Eli’s at 212 987-0885 Ext. 4 is where Thanksgiving begins.



Dinner on the Upper East Side…

…has never been more fun. It’s not Paris, but outdoor dining has transformed the neighborhood into one great big block party, with music, heat lamps and lots of dinner options. Naturally our favorite is Bar ’91 on the corner of ninety-first street. Here, you’ll find a neighborhood joint, where dinner is a relaxed affair, the wine list is stimulating and available by the glass.

Home Shop


Still here

Eli’s trucks are in the Hampton’s every day delivering groceries, prepared foods, wine and flowers to our customers. We continue to be the solution to shopping for quality ingredients, that you can have confidence in. A phone call or email is all it takes. Call Home Shop at (212) 423-0129 or send your grocery list to homeshop@elizabar.com



Let’s talk Turkey

A Free-range turkey is a bird that is not raised in a cage and is free to graze on grasses or grains. Organic means you are getting a Free-range bird raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids or pesticides, a bird raised on an organic and vegetarian diet. Our Heritage turkeys are Bourbon Reds, found wandering the continent when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. Raised like an organic bird but without the organic certification. They have a richer, more distinct flavor, more like a game bird, with more lean, dark meat. Can’t decide? May we recommend a call to Mark Reyes or one of the other trusted men in his department?
212 717-8100 ext.9

Eli’s List


Give in to temptation

Did you know that between 10 am and 5 PM Monday to Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm you can order bottles from Eli’s List for delivery? Give in to immediate gratification and treat yourself to something from our “Everyday Drinking" collection. Wines made by some of our favorite producers, with the same passion and patience we look for in grand crus. All are authentically expressive of their terroir, but do not take themselves too seriously, just like us.



When in doubt, send flowers

The calendar may say Fall, but Spring is always in the air in Eli’s lushly fragrant flower department, where every arrangement has picked-from-the-garden freshness and flair. Blossoms of every description fill the shop, along with plants, vases and pots. By the stem, in a nosegay, a lavish bouquet or centerpiece, we create beautifully crafted arrangements mixed with untraditional choices that make a statement. Order bouquets “just because”! Call for delivery all over Manhattan.

 What's on Eli's Mind

At Eli’s, social distancing guidelines are in place. Our store on Third Avenue is well-stocked with wide aisles that allow you to keep your shopping cart physically away from others. We are maintaining an environment that is safe for both our customers and our employees, with masks, gloves, social distancing, and constant cleaning of surfaces that are now part of standard operating procedures. And of course, I wear my mask, to be safe, to be respectful, and to protect you. The Upper East Side in general seems busier once again and as we head into the festive season, I look forward to welcoming you.