Good News about Eli’s Table

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the re-opening of Eli’s Table, we have some good news. The week of March 20th, you’ll find the doors open, Chef Moctezuma in the kitchen and Sommelier Kilian eager to pour you a glass of something interesting. Olivier, our new manager looks forward to getting to know you.


Plan your Passover Seder with Eli

Eli has been catering Passover Seders for over 40 years, and eating his mother’s gefilte fish for a lot longer. The recipes at Eli’s have stood the test of time and Eli, himself, looks forward to them year after year. Call the Catering Department to start planning your holiday menu today: 212-860-0402 EXT. 9 or place your own order on line here:


Tradition, tradition…

Take Eli’s advice and from now until Good Friday treat yourself to an occasional indulgence -- a warm, sugar iced hot cross bun. Why? because they are a seasonal treat, along with Irish soda bread that we never get tired of and never quite get enough of.
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Get to know us….

by exploring our “Everyday Drinking" collection. Wines made by some of our favorite producers, with the same passion and patience we look for in a grand cru. All are authentically expressive of their terroir, but don't take themselves too seriously. Come in and chat, call us and we’ll deliver something that pairs well
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Winter in the City

need not be bleak. A windowsill or any sunny spot that can hold a pot deserves blooming bulbs – narcissus, hyacinth, tulips and daffodils are all pushing up earth and yearning to bloom. No green thumb? Think about branches - camellia, cherry, jasmine and viburnum are all here ready to burst into flower. These cool weather crops, their gentle fragrance and hints of color are ideal remedies and keep us from counting the days till Spring.

 What's on Eli's Mind

I start saying “Spring is in the air…” on the first warm day in February and I keep it up till it comes true. A sort of fake-it-till- you-make-it season inducer. At this point any sign of the warmer weather ahead can thrill me—asparagus and rhubarb in the produce department. The arrival of the first soft shell crabs. More opportunities to sit outside without a heater on overhead. We’ve had at least one day when I’ve thought “…could this be the beginning of rosé season?” Well, if not today, then soon.