What is Home Shopping?
Before Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh,
there was Eli’s Home Shop.

Home Shopping - Eli Zabar

Introduced in 1999, Home Shop was Eli Zabar’s solution to shopping for quality ingredients, assuring New Yorkers all over the city that the best produce and prepared foods, a pristine fish market and an old fashioned butcher were only a phone call away. That tradition continues today, as we shop with Eli’s discerning eye and deliver carefully packed perishables to your door or doorman!

Phone in your order by calling (212) 423-0129 to speak directly with one of our Home Shopping Specialists.
Email your order to or simply fill out the form below to automatically send your order straight to our Home Shopping Specialists.

This service is available for same-day Manhattan deliveries year-round, and next-day Hamptons deliveries all summer. Delivery charges apply.
Use this form to place your order or call (212) 423-0129
Cold Soups Are In Season:
Gazpacho Soup & Many More Please Ask Home Shop About Our Soups. 

- Eli's Baby Arugula, Baby Greens Lettuce, Roof Top Heirloom Tomatoes.
- Local Blueberries, Upstate Sour Cherries, Long Island Corn. 
Local Lettuce and Zucchini, Del Monte Hass Avocado. 
- Peterson Farm Swiss Chard, Carrots, Multi Color Carrots, Collard Greens & Lacinato Kale. 

- Plums (red inside), Tree-Ripen & Local Peaches Yellow & White, California Peaches & Nactarines Yellow and White, Washington State Cherries
- Summer Kiss Melon , Sugar Kiss Melon, Peacock Melon & Sycamore Melon.
- Chilean Sea Bass, New Zealand Salmon, American Red Snapper, Florida Sea Scallops & Fresh Shrimp.
- Swordfish, Wild Gray Sole, Alaskan Wild Halibut, Soft Shell Crab Maryland.
- Marinated Lamb Chops, Rib Veal Chop , Boneless New York Strip Steak, Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye, Night Shift Burgers. 
- Le Jouvenceau Goat Camembert Cheese (France) 
- Eligo Vermont , Halloumi Cheese.
- Olympia Provisons Summer Sausage 
- French Butter Salted & Unsalted Pamplie.
- Maison Marc (cornichons) Malossol & Fins.
- Backyard Brine Bread & Butter Pickles: We Go Together Like, Everything, Sweet Heat, & Jalapeno Dill.
- Eli's Lemon Pepper Rub & Eli's Steak Seasoning. 
- Veggie Roaster Balsamic and Roasted Onion, Parmesan Mediterranean & Manchego and Roasted Garlic Seasoning Blend. 
- Tamari (Heirloom Barley & Chickpea & Shoyu Heirloom Wheay & Chickpea (From Tuscany), Miso Heirloom Golden Miso (From Tuscany)
- Laza Pita Chips Za'atar & Sea Salt. 

Use the shopping list we’ve created below to help you remember things you need or want this week. 

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