Eli has been described as "full of beans” … which may have something to do with his love of coffee. He’s proud of the beans he roasts each week, delivered from speciality-coffee farmers in Southeast Asia, the Americas and Africa. It’s the coffee he serves in his stores and restaurants. While he loves all his beans, we are offering 3 of his favorites here, the Colombian is lightly roasted, with just a hint of acid, the Nicaraguan is a medium roast with a natural sweetness and balance and the Ethiopian is light and bright a sweet finish.

Finca La Granada, Huila 
Variety: Pink Bourbon Variety
Producer: Gabriel Castaño producer 
Washed process 
Honduras *currently unavailable
Finca Don Andrés, Santa Barbara 
Variety: Parainema 
Producer: Andres Fernandez
Honey Process
Guji G1Organic Natural - Kayon Mountain
Ethiopia Heirloom Variety 

Order a bag of each and let us know what YOU like best!

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