This is a something-delicious-for-everyone package, when your favorite grillmeister wants to show off his skills. The Tomahawk—a three-to-four-person steak!—is a crowd pleaser. Pair it with our Free-range Chicken, locally grown, free of antibiotics and wonderful butterflied on a hot grill.
Save your Tenderloin medallions to sauté when you want dinner fast. Eli Zabar’s signature Night Shift Burger is a blend of chuck, short rib, brisket and dry-aged beef, a combo that delivers superlative flavor. Throw them on the grill with our Hot or Sweet Italian Pork Sausage or our Italian Chicken Sausage and make sure you’ve got your brioche hamburger and sausage rolls ready to load.
Save the best for last: our St. Louis Ribs are plump Berkshire ribs fantastic either slow roasted in the oven till they are falling off the bone or on a grill with a good char on them.

- 1 tomahawk steak, 2.5” thick

- 4 8-oz filet mignon steaks,1.5” thick

- 6 Night Shift burgers

- 6 sweet or hot pork or chicken sausages

- 1 3-lb rack of St Louis ribs

- 1 whole free-range chicken