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A toast to the UES

The corner of 91st and Madison is alive with the sound of laughter and clinking glasses even as we dine bundled up against the cold.Join us evenings from 5 o’clock at the Eli’s Essentials Wine Bar for dinner, small plates and a wonderful list of wines by the glass.

Home Shop


Delivering what you need, meal after meal

Long before Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh, there was Eli’s Home Shop — the solution to shopping for quality ingredients that you can have confidence in. Eli has been assuring New Yorkers all over the city that the best produce and prepared foods, a pristine fish market and an old fashioned butcher were only a phone call away and available for delivery in the neighborhood, in the city and out to the Hamptons. Call us at (212) 423-0129.



Let’s keep these ladies employed...

Up next on the celebration calendar is Super Bowl Sunday, usually a major event, this year maybe a little less so. You still need to eat, and like all holidays there are specific, iconic foods that make the day. Check out our complete catering menu for the great day.

Eli’s List


Eli’s List is winter ready….

Did you know that between 10 am and 5 PM Monday to Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm you can order bottles from Eli’s List for delivery? Give in to immediate gratification and treat yourself to something from our “Everyday Drinking" collection. Wines made by some of our favorite producers, with the same passion and patience we look for in grand crus. All are authentically expressive of their terroir, don't take themselves too seriously, and deliver warmth on cold winter nights.



Worth getting up for…

Made famous at the Amagansett Farmer’s Market, this glorious creation is available daily at Eli’s Essential’s on 91st Street & Madison, and at E.A.T. Scrambled eggs on a brioche roll with your choice of cheeses and bacon or ham. Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day.



When in doubt, send flowers

The calendar says winter, but spring is always in the air in Eli’s lushly fragrant flower department, where every arrangement has picked-from-the-garden freshness and flair. Blossoms of every description fill the shop, along with plants, vases and pots. By the stem, in a nosegay, a lavish bouquet or centerpiece, we create beautifully crafted arrangements mixed with untraditional choices that make a statement. Send an orchid plant to a friend or order bouquets “just because”! Call for delivery all over Manhattan.



Liquid Gold

Start the year off on a bright note with liquid sunshine. That is an exaggeration to get your attention, but it also speaks to how happy we are to have Fall Harvest 2020 Tenuta di Valgiano and Il Palagio in the store, two cold-pressed, organic olive oils from Tuscan wine makers we admire. We love them on crisp salads of bitter winter greens or like a true Tuscan, poured over toasted slices of Eli’s Jerusalem loaf. Keep your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, and work more olive oil into your diet.



New Year’s Resolutions…

…are made to be broken, but let’s try for the month of January to eat more green vegetables. Start with a big pot of soup: onions, leeks, celery and carrots sautéed till beyond golden, chard stems, cubes of squash and shredded Savoy cabbage added with water or chicken stock, once they are soft, add baby spinach or kale or bok choy, let them cook until just wilted. Better yet, call the Homer Shopping Department and have all of the above delivered to your door. We’ll even send the recipe along.

 What's on Eli's Mind

What a year, what a year! Even I, who thrive on change and disruption found myself disoriented. With the incredible good-will and hard work of the entire Eli Zabar team and the patience and kindness of our customers we've made it through the most challenging of times and although January is not usually a month in which I feel optimistic — you know how much I hate the cold— I do feel, at this moment in time, that we will manage whatever 2021 has in store for us and that we will do it in good spirits and good humor.
In the store, social distancing guidelines continue. The store is well-stocked with wide aisles that allow you to keep your shopping cart physically away from others. We continue to maintain an environment that is safe for both our customers and our employees. I wear my mask, to be safe, to be respectful, and to protect you.