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Eli’s been watching the Super Bowl with his high school football buddies FOREVER. If Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday at your house, check out our complete catering menu for the great day, or join us at Eli’s Night Shift to watch on the jumbo screen while munching Night Shift’s jumbo wings.



Liquid Gold

Start the year off on a bright note with liquid sunshine. That is an exaggeration to get your attention, but it also speaks to how happy we are to have Fall Harvest 2018 Valgiano oil in the store. We love on crisp salads of bitter winter greens or like a true Tuscan, poured over toasted slices of Eli’s Jerusalem loaf. Keep your New Year’s resolutions to cook more and eat healthier, and work more olive oil into your diet.

Eli’s Manhattan


New Year’s Resolutions…

…are made to be broken, but let’s try for the month of January to eat more green vegetables. Start with a big pot of soup: onions, leeks, celery and carrots sautéed till beyond golden, chard stems, cubes of squash and shredded Savoy cabbage added with water or chicken stock, once they are soft, add baby spinach or kale or bok choy, let them cook until just wilted. Better yet, call Milton and have all of the above delivered to your door.



Winter is for Burgundy

Eli’s Table is where you want to be come winter—celebrate the season with menus that celebrate our famously old-world-centric cellar. This is weather that calls for the deep reds we love from producers who make beautiful, expressive wines, mature and on our list and ready for you to enjoy now.


 What's on Eli's Mind

January and February can be tough months. The fortunate few get away. The rest of us either go on a diet or if you’re like me, cook up a storm. Hearty menus, lots of slow cooked meats from Mark the Butcher accompanied by big red wines are probably the best part of winter for me. Citrus from California is another cold weather treat—it’s starting to arrive and I find it as irresistible as candy. Salad greens at this time of year also perk me up. Dense, chewy and with a pleasingly bitter bite, I love them drenched in Fall Harvest 2018 olive oil with lots of salt and garlic. There you have it—my recipe for warding off winter colds and winter doldrums. See you in the springtime…