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Welcome to Eli's World




Festival of Lights

December gets off to a warm start this year. The first Chanukah candle is Sunday December 2. A perfect night to celebrate with family and friends. Potato pancakes with fall harvest applesauce or Israeli caviar are one of Eli’s favorite holiday traditions. Raspberry jam filled donuts are another. We’ve got candles and gelt and an unforgettable challah menorah. Call the catering department at Eli’s and get those eight crazy nights organized




Early Bird Special…

Be the first gift your VIP clients receive this holiday season. An Eli Zabar gift basket always makes a lasting impression. Plan now and take advantage of Eli’s 2018 Early Bird Delivery promotion. Enjoy 10% off 10 baskets and 15% off 15 baskets or more when you place your order to ship by or before Wednesday, December 5th.



The Gift of Food is Always in Good Taste

Now is the time to order your holiday hampers stuffed with Eli’s house-baked classics and pantry essentials, festooned with ribbons, lined with a tea towel, and packed to order. Brighten any basket with the addition of a bottle of wine or spirits. A most suitable gift for friends, faraway family members, clients, and business associates.

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Get Ready to Party!

Believe it or not, the holiday party-planning season is upon us, and Eli has party spaces to celebrate in. Whether you are hosting 20, 200 or any number in between, we have a room for your celebration, corporate event or special holiday dinner. Dressed up or down, these spaces are fit for a fête.




Sending love to our commuters...

Busier then ever this time of year, we see you dashing through the market. May we suggest you grab a panettone? This rich and yeasty cross between bread and a cake, studded with raisins and candied citrus, is perfect with coffee in the morning or Champagne later in the day. Already gift-wrapped, it’s the ideal grab-and-go holiday gift, buy one for your family and another to give to someone who loves good food. Available at Grand Central Market or online at www.elizabar.com




Tis the season…

…the party season is happening now. Make it your best ever by delegating some of the heavy lifting to Eli’s Catering department. We love to make parties and holiday entertaining as easy as calling Eli’s Catering at 212.717.8100 EXT. 9 We’ll help plan your menus, recommend flowers and wine and even send a waiter or two so you can enjoy this special time of year with friends and family.




Holiday Centerpieces

Give in to the temptation to fill your home with flowers—and while you are at it, send an orchid or topiary plant to all those hard to please people on your list. It’s always the right size and never fattening. All they can say is Thank You! In this season of deep reds and scented greens, we hope you’ll find our natural, textural arrangements irresistible. Christmas trees, house plants, blooms by the stem and custom arrangements are all here waiting for you to enjoy.




Fall for Burgundy

Eli’s Table is where you want to be come winter—celebrate the season with menus that celebrate our famously old-world-centric cellar. This is weather that calls for the deep reds we love from producers who make beautiful, expressive wines, mature and on our list and ready for you to enjoy now.



 What's on Eli's Mind

My busy season is here, from Thanksgiving to January the pace quickens and everything speeds up as we hurtle towards the end of another year. My stores are packed with seasonal goodies, as many form the pastry department as from produce. It’s the white truffle season, the eggnog ice cream season, the dreaded, but delicious fruitcake season. How could I not mention jelly donuts and crisp latkes to serve with Israeli caviar? It’s the best time of year to drink Burgundy and so many of the bottles I’ve been cellaring for so long are now ready for drinking. Join me in celebrating the deliciousness of this season and share it with friends and family—the gift of food is always in good taste!