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Tradition, tradition…

There’s a moment each year where three of my favorite holiday pastries arrive in the stores all around the same time. Suddenly in the span of a week I can easily gain 5 pounds indulging in these seasonal treats. Nothing fancy but oh how I love Irish Soda Bread, rich with raisins and caraway seeds, triangular prune or poppy filled Hamantaschen, and on Good Friday a warm, sugar iced hot cross bun. All are available at my stores or for online ordering.



Worth getting up for…

Made famous at the Amagansett Farmer’s Market, this glorious creation is available daily at Eli’s Essential’s on 91st Street & Madison, 79th & 3rd, and even at E.A.T. Scrambled eggs on a brioche roll with your choice of cheeses and bacon or ham. Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day.

Flower Department


Walk in, breathe deeply

Walk in, breathe deeply—no matter what the streets of New York are telling you, it’s always Spring in the flower department at Eli’s. Passover and Easter are on the horizon, but why wait? Treat yourself to a single stem or a bursting bouquet today.

 What's on Eli's Mind

January and February can be tough months. The fortunate few get away. The rest of us either go on a diet or if you’re like me, cook up a storm. Hearty menus, lots of slow cooked meats from Mark the Butcher accompanied by big red wines are probably the best part of winter for me. Citrus from California is another cold weather treat—it’s starting to arrive and I find it as irresistible as candy. Salad greens at this time of year also perk me up. Dense, chewy and with a pleasingly bitter bite, I love them drenched in Fall Harvest 2018 olive oil with lots of salt and garlic. There you have it—my recipe for warding off winter colds and winter doldrums. See you in the springtime…