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Still Here For You

Now in week #4 of this complex and evolving situation created by COVID-19, Eli Zabar, New York’s neighborhood grocer, remains open so that you can continue to have access to the food and ingredients you have confidence in. Your overwhelming support of our Home Shopping Department has allowed some of our employees to continue to work during this crisis and we are thankful for your loyalty. Unfortunately we're unable to fulfill any home shopping orders until after Wednesday. We have lots of food in the store for Passover, the store is not crowded with customers and we encourage you to come in to pick up what you need. We are maintaining an environment that is safe for both our customers and our employees, with gloves, distancing between shopping carts and constant cleaning of surfaces. Thank you!



Next year in Jerusalem?

As self-quarantining starts to become the new normal, our customers are starting to think about Passover, asking for those traditional, comforting menu items associated with the holiday. By April 1 you should find the full menu in the stores and available for home delivery.

Call the Catering Department to plan your menu today:
212-860-0402 EXT. 9



Eli’s flower power team

The flower department at Eli’s doesn't know there’s a crisis happening. It’s filled with blooms and branches, orchids and bulbs. It’s a small paradise in a gloomy, gloomy world. Give in to the temptation to treat yourself to something fragrant and lovely. A single stem, a bouquet, a plant, a bunch of daffodils that we promise will make you smile. Share the sunshine with all the friends you can’t take a walk in the park with, send someone you miss some flowers today, tomorrow and especially next week for Passover.

Call Sarah at 212-717-8100 ext 1.

 What's on Eli's Mind

The COVID-19 Crisis has put my business and community into uncharted territory. We have the essential responsibility of maintaining an environment that is safe for both our employees and our customers. I’ve always taken a no-compromise approach when it comes to food quality. At Eli’s we have a lot of control over where the food comes from, where it is made, and how it is sold. We believe that our commitment to health and safety combined with our focus on quality ensures further protection against contamination.

As New York’s neighborhood grocer I am doing my best to stay open so that you have access to food and ingredients that you have confidence in. Stay home, stay safe, stay well.