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Summer Ready means….

…not spending too much time thinking about what’s for dinner. Eli’s trucks are in the Hamptons every day, why not let them delivery your groceries to you while they are out there? Let Eli be the solution to shopping for quality ingredients, prepared foods, hand-cut meat from an old-fashioned butcher and of course, Eli’s Bread and pastries. A phone call is all it takes.



All about the buns

Up your BBQ game this summer with a shipment of fresh brioche hamburger rolls, seeded or plain, and Eli’s brioche hot dog buns, perfect for sausages or summer lobster rolls. Anyone can grill a decent burger—yours are distinguished by their excellent buns.
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Al Fresco Season


It’s rosé o’clock….

When the weather is warm, the days are long and we can sit outside, all we want to drink is rosé. If we can’t be on vacation every day, we’ll drink rosé. This summer our love affair with rosé is all about Bandol. The bottles we love form this area just sing of summer. Served over ice, the French call it a rosé piscine, which translates to pink swimming pool. Santé.

Eli’s List


Grilling and chilling…

….and drinking red wine. Don’t be shocked, we love our reds too much to give them up totally in the summer--we just think about them differently. All that char on your grill will pair beautifully with a fresh, cool Beaujolais. Any red with low tannins and good fruit can be enjoyed fresh and cool.
Join us in July as we toast summer with chilled reds.



Eli’s flower power team

This is a great time to be outdoors and the Eli’s flower power team, led by Sarah Wright, is right there with you – enthusiastic and knowledgeable, these women are ready to help you make summer one long garden party. Local blooms are one of the great pleasures of the season and this is where you’ll find them worked into bouquets for giving and gifting (and for spoiling yourself with, too!)


Gift Baskets


Be the Best House Guest…

If you’re staying with friends this 4th of July, don’t arrive empty handed. Our grill-ready holiday basket is a crowd pleaser. Sic of Eli’s signature burgers, a blend of USDA Prime chuck, aged beef, brisket, and sirloin, plus the brioche hamburger rolls Eli designed especially for these burgers, his of his favorite BBQ sauces, and rubs, a very spicy ketchup grill tools and towels plus good kosher salt and sparklers to put everyone in a celebratory mood. We’ve added marshmallows because it’s not summer till you’ve toasted a few over an open fire.

 What's on Eli's Mind

Summer 2021 is here and I’m enjoying myself. I have a new toy—soft serve ice cream machines in most of my stores. Sprinkles are tempting, but most afternoons I have a quick pick-me-up of vanilla soft serve with an expresso shot poured over it and then I have another swirl in the evening with sauce made from whatever local berries we have. Even on a grey day it puts me in a summer mood.