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Eli’s flower power team

It can be hard to connect to nature in this concrete jungle, but just inside the front door at Eli’s you’ll find a Flower Department that Mother Nature might call home. The flower power team, lead by Sarah Wright is truly passionate about their work - product care and handling is their daily purpose; creating gorgeous, natural arrangements for you is their passion, composing interesting, fragrant combinations of stems for our hand-tied bouquets is a joy. We are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, trained florists. We love our work!


Home Shop


Delivering what you need, meal after meal

Long before Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh, there was Eli’s Home Shop — the solution to shopping for quality ingredients that you can have confidence in. Eli has been assuring New Yorkers all over the city that the best produce and prepared foods, a pristine fish market and an old fashioned butcher were only a phone call away and available for delivery in the neighborhood, in the city and out to the Hamptons. Call us at (212) 423-0129.

Eli’s List


Eli’s List is winter ready….

Did you know that between 10 am and 5 PM Monday to Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm you can order bottles from Eli’s List for delivery? Give in to immediate gratification and treat yourself to something from our “Everyday Drinking" collection. Wines made by some of our favorite producers, with the same passion and patience we look for in grand crus. All are authentically expressive of their terroir, don't take themselves too seriously, and deliver warmth on cold winter nights.

 What's on Eli's Mind

Spring is in the air……the days are definitely getting longer. Passover is the next big event on the calendar along with Easter and both are big events in the stores. The bakery goes into high gear for these holidays, as does the butcher department. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, think about putting spring lamb on your menu.